Our class worked together to create our silly story's beginning. We then used Palms to write our own funny endings. singingbug.jpgEnjoy reading our silly story endings!

Listen to the beginning of our silly story!

Below are our funny endings!

All of the children shouted the teacher work up and saw the cockroach in an Elvis costume. Then fainted again.
By Jakob

He found a chicken in her desk. Then he ate it and then the teacher woke up and saw him and got a rake and tried to kill it . But he crawled under the door. They never saw him again.
By Ryan

He found a dog and then he ate it then the teacher woke up and saw the cockroach ate the dog and she fell down.
By Courtney

He sang jingle bells Roxey smells for the cockroach. Then the singing cockroach sang in front of the classroom. The singing cockroach started flying. He fell. Then he broke his leg.
By Sidney

I put the cockroach outside then I called 911 because my teacher wouldn't wake up. Finally she woke up. She told me I would get an award.
By Megan

The cockroach dressed like Elvis and sang a song. Then the teacher woke up and fainted again.
By David

The kids got a headache from it singing they yelled at it and gave it a headache. And then he died.
By Nicholas

The cockroach got scared by the nose. It tried to hide but we found it. The teacher woke up. No the kids shouted. We want to keep it for a pet! The teacher said ok.
By Hunter

The cockroach stared to sing louder and louder then it got quieter and quieter when he saw a pretty girl named Kate. The teacher tried to kill it but Kate saved it. THE END
By Lily

The cockroach started playing a guitar. Then he got in a car and started driving to the store. He got a drink and he went home and took his bike to the park.
By Hunter M.

The janitor came in. The kids came in. The cockroach jumped out the window.
By Shawn

The singing cockroach continued singing "Halloween". He started to fly but he crashed.
By Adam

The singing cockroach ran away out the window and the singing cockroach was never to be seen again in Willards. Then it came back in the desk. Then the singing cockroach was back again in Willards.
By Amanda

Then he began to dance. Then sing We are family. We called the office and we said there is a cockroach in our classroom.
By Colton

Then he found a pink cockroach and jumped up on my head. And then he jumped off. Then he jumped on my friend.
By Gabriella

Then we had to help the teacher up and then a monkey came in and ate our papers. Then the teacher woke up and called the wild animal catcher. They said they would be here in five minutes. Then they put it in a cage and took it to the jungle. Then it was lunch time. We were hungry after that excitement. We were all happy after lunch time.
By Felicity

Then we ran to Mr. Brown and told Mr. Brown that there was a cockroach in our classroom. Mr. Brown put the cockroach outside.
By Dylan

Then we ran to the cup to catch the bug so we can let it sing outside with Dyian. Then we said what are you singing.
By Katelyn

They had to call 911. They put a cage on top of him. The cockroach jumped out of the cage. The policeman was a bug catcher so they were safe because he took it outside. The cockroach found a girlfriend. They lived happily ever after.
By Amar

When the teacher woke up she put the cockroach out the door.
By Blaze

We got him outside. He kept on singing. A girl cockroach found him and they got married and had children.
By Lillie

When she woke up the cockroach was gone. He got into her bed. When the teacher went to bed she saw him and screamed, "Oh no, not again!"
By Taylor