What colors do you see?

Miss White's class shares their favorite colors.

We typed a sentence about our favorite color using Palms and Palm keyboards. We then made graphs using Graph Club 2.0. We had a great time sharing and learning about colors!

Brady- I like red.

Breanna- I like green.

Caitlin- I like blue.

Charley- I like brown.

Chris- I like blue.

Cole- I like red.

Desirae- I like blue.

Dominic- I like blue.

Emily- I like orange.

Ethan- I like green.

John- I like green.

Justin- I like green.

Kyle- I like blue.

Lia- I like yellow.

Luke- l like red.

Maranda- I like red.

Mckenna- I like red.

Morgan- I like blue.

Seth- I like blue.