Mrs. Shockley's class wrote funny stories!

Jakob wanted to have his birthday party at school. Adam was dancing at the party when he stepped on a ball and fell. He had to go to the hospital because he broke his leg and he stayed at the hospital. Jakob went to the hospital to check on Adam said I'm sorry I ruined your party. Jakob said ''It's ok.
My story happened at our tree house. Nicholas wanted to go to the board walk and get on the ferris wheel and jump off. But the trouble started when Nicholas didn’t know where the parachute was not there but a trampoline on the ground. We don’t have any money to get ice cream because it was hot and we were hungry. The problem was solved when we asked our parents to give us some money for ice cream and food. We slept in our tree house and had chips soda and pizza. The End
by Dylan

One night in Ocean city I went into mom’s room and Sam’s room. I scared them and Sam fell off her bed and cried. Then I came in mom’s room and she fell off her bed too and cried.
By Courtney

Sidney Goes To the Hospital
By Taylor
I went to Sidney's concert. She fell and we took Sidney to the hospital. She had surgery. I was there. I was crying. It was humiliating until Kayla came. Kayla was pretending to cry to make me feel better. It didn't work. So Kayla and I just sat and waited together. Sidney finally came out of the surgery. She was fine! We were happy.

The Little People
by Adam
Pen and Marker were playing in the water deep. They started to drown. Pen and Marker said, "Help! Help! Help me! I am drowning." An airplane saved them. They said thank you. The problem was solved when they asked their parents to give them some money for ice cream and food. They slept in their tree house and had chips soda and pizza. The End. by Dylan

One day Nana and Pop-Pop took Benjamen, Matthew,and me to Assateague. Ben got knocked over by a wave and did a flip and he saw a shark. Matt ran off and hid under a towel. We found him and played. Then we went to the store and bought ice cream.
By Lily

Bowling Time!
One day my sister and mom and I went bowling. When it was my turn the ball didn't roll right so my mom told my sister to get the ball. When she was trying to gat the ball she slide and hit the pins! She slipped and got a scar. Then we went home and my mom put medicine on it then it was time to go to bed.
By: Felicity

Dog and Frog Go to the Fair
One day frog and Dog. Were going to the merry go round. Then the merry go round broke. Then the merry go round rolled. Then Frog got hit on the with a hammcr. He had to go to the hospital.
By Shawn

Fire Ball Mountain
Last weekend my family and my friend and Moo-Moo went to fire ball mountain. Moo-Moo, Ryan and I fell in a trap door. Moo-Moo got out and we did not see him. He barked and we found the exit and got out. We went in a maze and got lost and ran into the walls and we found an exit but got in the haunted house and found a cart and got out and went home and then we went to a haunted house and then went home.
by Ryan

Lets go on vacation at Ocean city we went to the boardwalk to play games then jesse said lets go on the rollercoaster Yes said Ricky which rollercoaster asked Jasse a fast one Ok lets go ! Then when jesse and ricky came off began to get dizzey.then jesse stoped ricky from spinning then thay said lets go home
by Katelyn

Lizard's Food
One day some people and a lizard were at a desert. People started to take the lizard's food.The lizard .jumped up and said ' Boo! 'And scared them. He decided to keep extra food in case the people came back again. Finally the people left. The lizard was happy and found more food.
The End
by Hunter R

I went to the waterpark. My dog wanted to go to the waterpark but no dogs are allowed. So I went to the store and bought him a pool with a slide on it. He tried to jump off it and flipped on it. I tried o get him but he was too fast. He jumped so high that he never came back til the fourth of July.
By Colton

Mom and Me
Mom and I were cleaing' the house.When we finished we left and went to Olive Garden for dinner.While we were gone Roy Rabbit came to our house and brought his we found a big mess. The next day Roy came to apologize .We said ,''OK but you have to clean up this mess.' He promised never to do it again.
By Lillie

My little brother and I go to school at Willards. My sister and older brother are both in 5th grade. My dad works at Eazy Food Store. My mom stays at home olone. After school we do all of our homework. Then my big brother and I play basketball and soccer everyday. I love my family the most. All my friends come to my house.
On Sunday we all go out to lunch at my dad's store. Everyone in my familygets hot, crazy fries. Everybody goes crazy. My big brother tells silly jokes. The crazy fries make fire come out of my mouth. So I had to drink all of the Mountain Dews!
By Amar

We went to Sunfest . My brother wanted to jump in the water . He swam all the way to Spain. My mom did it too. My dad was smart enough not to follow them.
So he told the lifeguard . The lifeguard got a lifesaver .He got them out of the water and we went home.
The End
by Gabriella

The flying boy
my friend is going to jump off a building. He wants to do it without a parachute. I did not want him to but he did it anyway he realized he had one on when he jumped off he was mad he did not want to have it on finally an eagle crashed in to him and he started to fly. The end
by Jakob

The Mean Bully
It was a lovely fine day. When I wanted to call my friends Adam and Dylan to come to my house to play hopscotch in my treehouse. We were playing hopscotch until a mean bully and his dad came with a chainsaw and cut our treehouse down. Then we jumped out of the treehouse and fell on them and beat them up and called the police to arrest them and we had icecream to celebrate.
By Nicholas

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